Broking Services

Eighteen33 is pleased to be able to offer comprehensive insurance broking solutions to ensure that your Workers Compensation Insurance Program is appropriately constructed. Whilst there are a number of facilities available to place your insurance directly with insurers, there’s also the chance that your business is classified incorrectly and therefore attract an inaccurate premium.

When you partner with Eighteen33, we ensure that your policies are constructed appropriately and reflect an accurate premium.

Our experience in the Workers Compensation Industry allows our brokers to provide expert advice on minimising your premium liabilities, whilst ensuring your cover is appropriate. We are also positioned to keep you updated on legislative reforms and simplify the administrative process in renewing your policies nationally.

We also maintain a network of professionals around the globe that can assist with the placement and procurement of policies in other territories, should your business have a requirement.

Our brokerage service also allows you to have real-time access to your future premium costs, which will assist with your business forecasting. This also allows you to prepare for your forthcoming premiums and assist with the management of your cash flow.

Our partner network allows us the ability to provide you with advice on greater insurance exposures and assist with providing advice on dual insurance issues.


Health & Wellbeing

The costs associated with reactive injury management and workers compensation claims are considerable. Whilst we are in a position to assist with minimising the costs associated with claims, we are also focused on working with our clients to build a sustainable and resilient workforce. We partner with a variety of professionals to offer a comprehensive suite of services in designing your workforce.

Eighteen33 are able to coordinate multiple medical professionals to provide you with a comprehensive pre-employment and post-employment medical program that is designed to limit your exposure to costly health issues arising within your workforce. In partnering with your business and gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business activities, our team will be able to design strategies to overcome the risk of injury trends in your industry from occurring within your business.

We are proud to provide our clients with access to a range of medical professionals that can assist with the entire life cycle of your employee and potential claim scenarios. Occupational hygiene uses science and engineering to measure the extent of worker’s exposure to chemical, physical and biological hazards.

Through evaluating your environmental risks associated with your business, along with reviewing the physical requirements of your workforce, Eighteen33 can implement appropriate injury prevention strategies, reduce the number of incidents within your workplace and reduce the associated costs. These comprehensive services include access to Work Health and Safety experts that can assist with designing and evaluating your Work Health and Safety Management System.

We believe that partnering with your business and implementing simple but effective processes will mean we’ll be able to best assist you with managing absenteeism, productivity and lost time injury.

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